Ready to Hang and Enjoy

Our wood floating shelves come ready to install. Each order includes the necessary hardware and instructions. Plus, enjoy free shipping on every order, every day.

Why Choose a Dogberry Floating Kitchen Shelf?

We don’t believe you should have to choose between your budget and quality wood features for your home. That’s why we found a way to affordably engineer real wood fireplace mantels that are modern and stylish and feel exceptionally high-quality. Use one in your kitchen for a modern shelf or hang it in a laundry room or living space for a sturdy and stylish floating shelf. Either way, our wood floating shelves will add warmth and interest to your home.

Engineered from wood sourced in the Western United States, each shelf is hand-finished by a woodworking artist. Our careful finishing process brings out the wood’s natural grain patterns and guarantees you’ll receive not just a functional shelf, but a true piece of craftsmanship. Many of our wood shelves feature a hollow design, allowing the beauty of solid wood to shine without creating a complex installation process.

Installation in Just a Few Easy Steps

Installing a floating shelf can be intimidating, but not with Dogberry Floating Shelves. We walk you through our installation process, including videos and manuals complete with all the tools you'll need for installation. Before beginning, we recommend reading through the manual and reviewing our installation video before starting the installation process for your kitchen shelf. 

Wondering how easy our wood floating shelves are to install? Here is a breakdown of each of our simple steps:

  • Step 1: Unboxing

    Start by opening the shelf box and removing the mantel. Review the interior contents and read the instructions. Gather all necessary tools to complete the installation, such as a pencil, tape measure, screwdriver, and drill with drillbits (optional, but recommended).

  • Step 2: Detach Hanger Board

    Remove the two screws holding the hanger board inside the shelf. Set aside the screws and hanging bracket for another step.

  • Step 3: Measure

    Measure the length of the shelf to determine the exact center, left, and right locations. To install the shelf, you'll need to determine where you want to place it on the wall, then make corresponding marks for the edges of the wood mantel. You'll also mark studs where you will mount the shelf. Check out our installation guide for more detailed instructions on measuring and marking the wall for the floating shelf.

  • Step 4: Pre-Drill Hanger Board

    Next, drill holes in the hanger board where you will place the screws, and insert the screws before placing the board against the wall. Drill the screws inside the studs. 

  • Step 5: Install Hanger Board

    Install the hanging bracket on the wall by lining it up with the marks and using the drill to install the board on the wall. Erase all wall marks except the left and right edge markers.

  • Step 6: Installing the Mantel

    Now, you're ready to install the wood floating shelf. Start the short screws inside the pre-drilled holes. Lift the shelf on the hanger board and line it up with the edge marks on the wall. Using a screwdriver, drive the screws into the shelf and hanging bracket. Your shelf is now installed and ready to use!