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6 Places to Add a Sliding Barn Door in Your Home

Barn doors are a fun and practical way to upgrade the look of any room. Whether it highlights a smaller space or is incorporated into your tasteful kitchen decor or living room area, wood barn doors stand as a unique and functional piece for any home. With Dogberry’s high-quality yet affordable DIY kits, homeowners anywhere in the United States can add sliding barn doors for a cost-saving home upgrade.

Space Saving Design & Other Benefits of Barn Doors 

Interior barn doors offer both functional and aesthetic benefits to any home. When left open or ajar, traditional doors can sometimes block hallways and high-traffic areas. Because they sit flush on the wall and slide open, barn doors can save space in doorways and hallways. 

When it comes to double doors, the space-saving also doubles. Barn doors are a more affordable and private option than french glass doors, often installed in offices and sitting rooms. Instead of the clutter and noise of an open archway or glass doors, double barn doors allow you to close a space off from noise and chaos and add a unique decor piece all at once! Dogberry sliding barn doors can be used individually for a single-door opening or paired together for double-door entries.

Barn doors also increase your home’s safety. There is less likelihood of significant injury due to pinched fingers in barn doors, and moving furniture in and out of rooms with barn doors becomes safer and more accessible. Barn doors also block less light. They never block windows or light sources, keeping your room open, airy, and well-lit. Barn doors are also easier to open and manage when your hands are full, and you need access to a room. 

Lastly, sliding barn doors upgrade the look of your home in a unique and stylish way. With six timeless styles and five versatile colors, Dogberry offers handcrafted wood barn doors for any taste and style. It will become a signature piece in your room that can often tie your look together. Not sure where you could install a wood barn door in your home? Below we offer six ideas for barn doors in your home.

6 Ways to Incorporate a Sliding Barn Door Into Your Home

From small to large spaces, you can add barn doors to nearly every room in your house. You simply need space on the wall next to your desired entryway to install the runner. Installation is easy, and Dogberry includes a free classic barn door hardware kit with every door order. Each door ordered arrives ready to install with simple DIY instructions that don’t require any cuts or extensive measurements. You can easily install a single door or pair two together for double-door entries. Versatile, classic, and unique, sliding barn doors may be the simple DIY project you have been looking for to change the look of your room.

Closet Barn Doors

Closet doors often open into hallways and smaller spaces, making a barn door a practical and appealing solution for closet entries in hallways, bedrooms, back entryways, and more. Wooden barn doors are a fun way to access your closet and add a touch of class to an otherwise dull space.

Barn Door for Bathrooms

Bathroom barn doors are another way to have a fun and different entry into a guest bathroom, master bathroom, or powder room. Access to the bathroom is improved as barn doors easily slide open and closed. Bathrooms often have multiple doors that hit a counter, toilet, or bathtub. Installing a barn door removes that problem, adding functionality to your space without removing the needed privacy for bathrooms.  


Sliding Barn Doors on a Pantry

Installing a wood barn door or barn doors to your pantry is a charming way to set your pantry apart in the kitchen. Pantry sliding doors are also more convenient. With your hands often full with kitchen prep and groceries, you can more easily access the pantry to put things away or grab something for dinner. The heart of the home is often in the kitchen, but with kitchen gadgets and needed kitchen appliances taking up the majority of the space, it is hard to decorate your kitchen. Adding a barn door adds charm and aesthetic appeal without removing functionality. It is a great way to decorate! You can choose a barn door with a unique style or color to set your kitchen and pantry apart.

Wood Barn Doors for the Family Room Entrance

Often, the family room or living room has a more prominent entrance that you may want to be able to close for movie nights, private visits, or cozier evenings. However, installing french doors can be a hassle and take up valuable space. Sliding barn doors are an excellent choice for any family room entrance. You can easily slide them shut for privacy or leave them open for easy access. You can still move and fit large furniture pieces in and out of the room, and your beautiful wood barn doors create an excellent backdrop for a cozy space. 

Barn Doors for Office Spaces and Craft Rooms

Installing a barn door in your home office or craft area is a creative way to add a design piece and more privacy to a space meant for only a few individuals. Barn doors are also a great way to find or create space needed for shelves or furniture in a smaller office or craft room. 

Laundry Room Barn Doors 

Whether your laundry room is a separate room or a large double-door closet, adding one or two sliding barn doors to your laundry room frees up space. It is a practical yet stylish way to upgrade your laundry room. It also makes it easier to open or close the doors in spite of clean or dirty laundry in your hands or on the floor. 

Shop Our Collection of Wood Barn Doors Now

Dogberry focuses on quality above all else. We care about how and where our doors are made. At Dogberry, we source wood from American forests in the heart of Utah. Our business model supports local labor and sustainable resources. We only use the highest quality wood, and because we source our materials locally, we can better control our products from start to finish. Dogberry uses traditional stile and rail construction using exacting carpentry standards. A woodworking artist hand-finishes each barn door to bring out the wood’s natural grain patterns. You receive a true masterpiece ready to install to set your home apart.

With six timeless styles to choose from and five unique colors, shop Dogberry’s modern sliding barn doors today. You can feel confident that every purchase from Dogberry is created with care and superior craftsmanship.

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