Our Sliding Barn Doors: DIY Simplified

Dogberry sliding barn doors come ready to install and each includes our signature hardware kit. Plus, enjoy free shipping on every order, every day.

Sliding Barn Door

Herringbone Sliding Barn Door

This isn’t your traditional farmhouse door. Its angled lines give the herringbone barn door a modern yet playful upgrade. Adaptable to your modern home, this door pairs perfectly with bohemian, eclectic, or transitional styles.

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Dark Chocolate 5 Panel Sliding Barn Door

5 Panel Sliding Barn Door

Both classic and fresh, this five panel barn door is as elegant as it is nostalgic. Commonly used for a double barn door, this door works well with traditional, contemporary, or minimalist styles.

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White Classic X Barn Door

Classic X Sliding Barn Door

With a touch of rustic refinement, the classic x barn door is the perfect fit for your casual, comfortable home. Order two to complete a showstopper double door.

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Walnut Classic Z Sliding Barn Door

Classic Z Sliding Barn Door

Our z barn door is a wonderful way to bring character into any space. The quintessential farmhouse-style barn door, it’s the door that started it all! This classic design is a must-have feature for your modern country home.

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Mahogany Rough Hewn Mantel

Country Vintage Sliding Barn Door

Recreate the vintage style you love with our country vintage barn door. Inspired by the woodwork in farmhouses, cottages, and bungalows of the past, this door makes antique charm feel new and unique once again

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Black Fireplace Rough Hewn Mantel

Craftsman Sliding Barn Door

A designer favorite, our craftsman barn door features panel details that feel custom-made. If you’re looking for a style with staying power, look no further than this classic beauty!

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Barn Door Hardware

Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits

Classic barn door hardware is included (free!) with every door order. With its modern matte black finish, our hardware complements every color and style of Dogberry sliding barn doors.

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Sliding Barn Doors Designed for Every Home

Today, you can find barn doors at plenty of retailers; this popular door design has transcended farmhouse style to be a versatile feature in all types of homes. But, not all barn doors are made the same. So what sets our sliding barn doors apart from the rest?

  • Handcrafted Quality That's Built to Last

    At Dogberry, we prioritize quality above all else. We source wood from American forests in central Utah for all our products. Not only does this give us high-quality, sustainable, and locally-sourced wood, but it also allows us to have better control over the final product. Instead of buying sliding barn doors manufactured overseas, you can feel good knowing exactly where the wood came from and how the door was made. Featuring traditional stile and rail construction, our doors are built to exacting carpentry standards. 

    Engineered from American wood, each door is hand-finished by a woodworking artist. Our careful finishing process brings out the wood’s natural grain patterns and guarantees you’ll receive not just a functional door, but a true piece of craftsmanship.

  • Beauty and Functionality

    Installing a Dogberry Barn Door will not only add a beautiful focal point to a room, but many other benefits, too. Because they sit flush with the wall, Dogberry Barn Doors slide easily back and forth to take up very little space in a room. Our sliding barn doors are great options for smaller homes or apartments, offering more utility to tiny spaces. Regardless of the size of your room, barn doors are a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that you’ll be proud to showcase. 

    No matter the style of your home, sliding barn doors are a great way to add charm and uncommon uniqueness to a room. Browse through our collection to find the perfect door that fits right into your style. Use individually for single door opening, or pair them together for double door entries. Either way, our sliding barn doors are the ideal choice for bathrooms, pantries, family rooms, bedrooms, closets, and more. Install them as sliding closet barn doors for a stunning entryway into your walk-in closet. Dogberry Barn Doors offer all this beauty, functionality, and quality all at an affordable price.

  • Easy Installation With Just a Few Steps

    Installing your Dogberry Barn Door is an easy task that can be completed in just a few steps. We include our classic barn door hardware free of charge with the purchase of any barn door, as well as full instructions to complete the installation. With just a few extra tools and some time, you can install your own barn door. Feel free to refer to our installation video for a full tutorial of the installation process.

FAQs about Our Barn Doors

What are Dogberry’s sliding barn door dimensions?

The standard interior door size for most American homes is 36” wide by 84” tall. Our two barn doors come in both the “standard” size at 36” x 84”, as well as a slightly larger size of 42” x 84”. Each door has a thickness of 1 ⅜”. We recommend measuring the door opening where you would like to install a sliding barn door to determine what size is best for you.

How do I install an interior sliding barn door?

When you order a door from Dogberry, you’ll have access to our step-by-step installation guide; it shows you the most efficient way to install your new wood barn door. Along with the installation guide, we’ll send you all the hardware pieces you need to create the stile and rail system that allows the door to glide effortlessly when opening and closing it.

Basic tools are needed for installation, including a screwdriver set, tape measure, wrench, marking device, and level.

Will a sliding barn door work in my space?

Barn doors require additional track beyond the door opening, to allow the door to be fully closed or opened. Our track system measures 78.75” long and 1.5” tall. Measure and make sure you have enough wall space to the side of the door to install the track.

Do sliding barn doors have handles on both sides?

Our hardware kits include one handle per door. For many spaces, one handle is all that’s needed. If you prefer to install handles on both sides of your barn door, we recommend a recessed handle that won’t obstruct the sliding motion of the door.

How do I install a double sliding barn door?

Double sliding barn doors are installed the same way as single sliding barn doors, but the track systems will begin in the center of the door opening (and extend past the doorway on either side) to create the double door effect. For more help installing a double door, contact us at info@dogberrycollections.com.

Can I rework my existing door into a sliding barn door?

Traditional doors can be reworked into sliding barn doors if the door has a solid frame onto which you can install hardware to support the weight of the door. While it’s possible to rework a traditional hinged door into a sliding barn door, it requires some additional DIY work to remove hardware, fill in the existing hardware holes, refinish the door’s surface, and install new hardware. For a simpler solution that introduces visual interest to your space, try one of our six styles above — designed specifically for this unique type of door.