Fully Assembled & Easy Installation

Each pair of Dogberry wood wall panels ships right to your door. Inside,
you’ll find wood slat wall panels that are ready to decorate your home and
reduce unwanted reflected sound — no assembly required! To affix our panels to
any wall or ceiling only requires screws or glue to create a reduction in noise
and elevate the acoustics of any room in your home.

acoustic wall panel

Smoky Acoustic Wall Panels

You can’t go wrong with our collection of acoustic wall panels. Our Smoky Oak wall panels create a perfect blend of décor and noise reduction to any
room. These panels are meticulously crafted using genuine wood veneer layered over MDF slats ensuring top-notch sound absorption and superior quality.

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Driftwood Wood Wall Panels

With their minimalist aesthetic, our horizontal slat wall panels complement a variety of interior design styles from rustic and traditional to modern and contemporary.
Great for bedrooms, living spaces, and more. Shop our wide array of designs and elevate your home today!

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acoustic wood wall panel

Oak Wood Wall Panels

Our Oak wood wall panels are an ideal solution for diminishing echoes and erasing ambient noise within various environments. Our panels will enhance acoustic comfort and elevate your interior spaces.

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Why Choose Dogberry Wood Wall Panels?

Dogberry board and batten shutters combine the best of quality and convenience. Their hand-crafted appearance gives them a unique, one-of-a-kind look. However, unlike the long and expensive process of custom woodworking, our simple online shop makes it fast and easy to ship new shutters straight to your door. When it comes to beautiful wood shutters that look custom-made for your home, look no further than Dogberry! While our shutters are sold in many popular, online retail stores, buying direct from our shop gives you fastest and most direct access to our collection of real wood home accents. 

If you’re searching for premium curb appeal on a DIY budget, our exterior shutters are the perfect solution. Here are just a few of the other benefits you’ll receive when you shop Dogberry’s wood shutter collection:  

  • Contemporary Interior Enhancement

    Our Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels seamlessly blend modern and inventive design, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of design styles, including Modern Farmhouse, Craftsman, Contemporary, and more. These slats are meticulously crafted using genuine wood veneer layered over MDF slats, ensuring top-notch sound absorption and superior quality.

  • Superior Sound Absorption

    Dogberry Collections' Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels are an ideal solution for diminishing echoes and erasing ambient noise within various environments. These panels effectively minimize undesired sound reflections in any area of your residence or facility. These aesthetically pleasing acoustics effortlessly harmonize with the ambiance while enhancing acoustic comfort. They are well-suited for a range of settings, including music studios, home offices, conference rooms, home theaters, and even instrument practice rooms

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Our slat panels feature Dogberry's user-friendly 'easy overlap' technology, allowing you to effortlessly connect one piece to another. Attaching them to any wall or ceiling is a breeze, requiring only screws or glue to achieve effective noise reduction within minutes. You can easily customize panel sizes by cutting them to fit your specific needs and dispose of any excess material.

  • Premium Quality

    Our wood wall panels use real oak wood veneers layered over MDF slats which effectively reduce noise and echoes while also providing a modern look. Our panels are rated with a 0.95 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) which is superior to the industry average. Elevate your living spaces with our high-quality wall panels.

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FAQs about Our Wood Wall Panels

What are Dogberry's Wood Wall Panels' Dimensions?

Every pair of our slat wall panels measure 94.5" x 12.8" x 0.82" each.
To fit different living spaces, you can simply cut to the size needed to produce custom panel sizes.

How Effective Are These Panels In Sound Reduction?

Our panels are rated with a 0.95 Noise Reduction Coefficient. These wood wall panels offer an excellent solution for mitigating echoes and erasing ambient noise within any environment. These aesthetically pleasing acoustic panels seamlessly combine decor enhancement with noise reduction in any room.

Can I Hang These Panels Myself?

These shutters can be hung by yourself, but be mindful that each panel weighs roughly 13 lbs. You can easily affix these to any wall or ceiling with screws or glue to create a perfect noise reduction effect.

What Materials Are The Wall Panels Made With?

Our wall panels are solid MDF slats with real wood veneer and backed with black polyester acoustic felt backing.

How Much Do Wood Wall Panels Weigh?

Our panels weigh roughly 10lbs each, with the total shipment weighing 27.6 lbs. When properly installed, our included hardware is designed to hold the weight of your panels.