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Our wood mantel shelves come ready to install. Each order includes the necessary hardware and instructions. Plus, enjoy free shipping on every order, every day.

  • Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel Shelf

    Simplicity at its best, our modern farmhouse mantel allows wood’s natural beauty to speak for itself. Made from planks of real poplar wood — and stained to your preference — its hollow design keeps your real wood mantel relatively lightweight and simple to hang. Choose from four lengths and two depths for a custom fit above your fireplace.

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  • Rustic Fireplace Mantel Shelf

    Our rustic mantel forgoes perfection for character, with details that lend unique texture and color to your fireplace feature. Made from planks of real poplar wood — and stained to your preference — its hollow design keeps your real wood mantel relatively lightweight and simple to hang. Choose from four lengths and two depths for a custom fit above your fireplace.

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  • Rough Hewn Fireplace Mantel Shelf

    Featuring unmistakable adze texture, the rough hewn mantel gives a handcrafted appearance that complements the organic beauty of the poplar wood planks. Like our other best-selling wood mantels, the unique hollow design keeps your mantel relatively lightweight and simple to hang. Choose from five stain options, four lengths, and two depths for a truly custom look above your fireplace.

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  • Weathered Beam Mantel Shelf

    Weathered Beam Fireplace Mantel Shelf

    Rich pine wood grain and natural imperfections give the weathered beam mantel the look of naturally aged wood made more beautiful with time. Featuring our unique hollow design, it's relatively lightweight and simple to hang. Choose from four stain options, four lengths, and two depths for a truly custom mantel that perfectly complements your space.

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  • Solid Timber Mantel Shelf

    Solid Timber Fireplace Mantel Shelf

    The solid timber mantel is an heirloom-quality mantel, hewn from a solid piece of American pine timber. It is truly a celebration of the inherent beauty and lasting strength of natural wood. Whether used as a fireplace mantel or a floating shelf, it will add style to your home for years and years to come.

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  • Cottage Mantel

    No matter the weather, you can bring warmth to any space with the Dogberry Collections “Cottage” wood mantel. This Rustic fireplace mantel shows off the natural characteristics of our high-grade poplar in a way that cheap, veneered products never could. Our hand crafted, solid wood, and easy to install floating mantel shelves utilize industry leading processes to give you a breathtaking mantel, that will last the test of time.

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  • French Corbel Mantel

    Bring rich and timeless character into your space with Dogberry collections French Corbel Mantel! This traditional fireplace mantel shows off the natural wood grain of our high quality poplar in a way that inexpensive, fake, veneered mantels never could. Our hand crafted, solid-wood, and easy-to-install floating mantel shelf utilizes industry-leading production processes to give you a conversation piece floating mantel, that will last the test of time. This classic 3 in one design allows you to have just the beam, beam w/ corbels, or beam w/ corbels and the arch. You decide what looks best!

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  • Modern Timber Mantel

    Update your home with Dogberry Collection’s high quality solid wood floating mantel shelves! This 3", thin modern fireplace mantel is a statement piece that shows off the natural character that only natural wood grain, from our high-quality lumber, can display! This wood mantel is handcrafted and easy to install. Dogberry capitalizes on industry-leading production procedures that gives you a stunning conversation piece that will last the test of time.

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  • Shaker Mantel

    Dogberry Collections Shaker Wood Mantel has a traditional design with a thin, clean accent! This fireplace mantel design shows off the beautiful character that only natural wood grain, from our high quality poplar, can display! Our solid wood, handcrafted and easy to install mantel shelf capitalizes on industry leading production procedures that give you a conversation piece floating mantel shelf that will be a great conversation piece.

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Why Choose a Dogberry Fireplace Mantel?

We don’t believe you should have to choose between your budget and quality wood features for your home. That’s why we found a way to affordably engineer real wood mantels that are modern and stylish and feel exceptionally high-quality. Use one above a fireplace for a modern mantel or hang it in a kitchen or living space for a sturdy and stylish floating shelf. Either way, our wood mantels will add warmth and interest to your home.

Engineered from wood sourced in the Western United States, each mantel is hand-finished by a woodworking artist. Our careful finishing process brings out the wood’s natural grain patterns and guarantees you’ll receive not just a functional shelf, but a true piece of craftsmanship. Many of our mantels feature a hollow design, allowing the beauty of solid wood to shine without creating a complex installation process.

Installation in Just a Few Easy Steps

Installing a wooden mantel shelf can be intimidating, but not with Dogberry mantels. We walk you through our installation process, including videos and manuals complete with all the tools you'll need for installation. Before beginning, we recommend reading through the manual and reviewing our installation video before starting the installation process for your wood shelf. 

Wondering how easy our fireplace mantels and mantel shelves are to install? Here is a breakdown of each of our simple steps:

  • Step 1: Unboxing

    Start by opening the mantel box and removing the mantel. Review the interior contents and read the instructions. Gather all necessary tools to complete the installation, such as a pencil, tape measure, screwdriver, and drill with drillbits (optional, but recommended).

  • Step 2: Detach Hanger Board

    Remove the two screws holding the hanger board inside the mantel. Set aside the screws and hanger board for another step.

  • Step 3: Measure

    Measure the length of the mantel to determine the exact center, left, and right locations. To install the mantel, you'll need to determine where you want to place it on the wall, then make corresponding marks for the edges of the mantel. You'll also mark studs where you will mount the mantel. Check out our installation guide for more detailed instructions on measuring and marking the wall for the mantel.

  • Step 4: Pre-Drill Hanger Board

    Next, drill holes in the hanger board where you will place the screws, and insert the screws before placing the board against the wall. Drill the screws inside the studs. 

  • Step 5: Install Hanger Board

    Install the hanger board on the wall by lining it up with the marks and using the drill to install the board on the wall. Erase all wall marks except the left and right edge markers.

  • Step 6: Installing the Mantel

    Now, you're ready to install the mantel. Start the short screws inside the pre-drilled holes. Lift the mantel on the hanger board and line it up with the edge marks on the wall. Using a screwdriver, drive the screws into the mantel and hanger board. Your mantel is now installed and ready to use!

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FAQs about Our Wood Mantels

What are Dogberry’s fireplace mantel shelf dimensions?

Every fireplace mantel shelf is available in lengths of 48” 60” and 72”. Our modern farmhouse, rustic, and rough hewn mantels are also available in 36” lengths. Every mantel is available in depths of both 9” and 6.25”. The width of our mantels is 5.5”, except for the solid timber mantel which has a width of 6”. Select any mantel style above to view a helpful illustration of these measurements.

How do I install a shelf above my fireplace?

We aim to make installation easy. When you order a wood fireplace mantel from Dogberry, you’ll have access to our step-by-step installation guide for hollow mantel shelves, as well as an installation guide for our solid timber mantel shelf. Boty illustrates the most efficient way to install your new fireplace mantel, using the hardware included in your order. Please note that basic tools are needed for installation, including a screwdriver set, tape measure, wrench, marking device, and level.

How much weight will a mantel shelf hold?

The general rule for floating shelves or floating mantels is that it can hold 50 lbs for every stud it’s attached to. For example, if you hang our 36” mantel onto two studs, it should safely hold 100 lbs.

Can I hang a fireplace mantel by myself?

Yes, because of the hanging method we use for our fireplace mantels, it only requires one person to install. For more help installing your fireplace mantel, contact us at

How heavy is the solid timber mantel?

Depending on the length you select, the weight of our solid timber mantel varies. The 48” shelf weighs about 39 lbs, while the 60” and 72” shelve weigh about 48 lbs.