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How Long Should a Mantel Shelf Be?

It can be hard to know how long your mantel shelf should be in relation to your fireplace or maybe even the tv that sits above it. That's why Dogberry Collections has put together this helpful guide on how to determine the length of your fireplace mantel shelf.

First measure your fireplace, next measure the TV or picture above the wood mantel. Whichever is larger, use that as your reference point on the mantel dimensions.

Next determine the style you're going for. Is it modern farmhouse, rustic, mountain modern, victorian, etc? Once you've nailed down your design type you're ready for step 3.

Step 3. Look at images of mantels in your "style", Houzz.com is a very good place to filter to just your look and environment to pick a style. Wether it be a rustic mantel shelf, a modern mantel or a floating fireplace shelf, they'll have things for you to look at.

Step 4. Review the images and see if you can spot a an estimated size that the mantel exceeds the anchor point referenced above. During this exercise, you'll be able to determine how big of a focal point you'd like your rustic fireplace mantel to be.

Step 5. Guess. Yep, we said it, half of design is making an educated guess. If you're seeing that most of the images you like of wooden mantels is 10% bigger than the space, then jump on that and run with it.

For example, if your reference point is 48" and you estimate the sizing difference you like is about 25% bigger than the reference point, then you should plan on getting about a 60" mantel.

This is why it's so important to look at inspiring images of the mantels in your style. Some have different differences from reference points to mantel sizes so be sure to get informed by your friends online.

Also, keep in mind that mantel shelves need to be at least 10" bigger than the opening of the fireplace on each side. So if you have a 36" opening, subtract 14 from both sides and get a 42" wood Shelf.

Dogberry Collections has put together inspiration images for most styles of Mantels below so peruse away!

A few more notes...

- If you don't know what your style is yet, start looking up Mantels by room type. This is a great place to find lots of inspiring Mantels that fit into different looks/styles for specific rooms. - A lot of people want to put a TV above their Fireplace Mantel which can truly be an art piece itself. Remember to make sure the Mantel is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. A great way to find Mantel TV Shelf combinations is by looking at Mantels from Houzz.com as mentioned above.

- If you'd like a more modern look, consider a floating Mantel shelf or recessed Fireplace Mantel Shelf . These can take your design up a notch and may be just what you need if your "style" isn't modern but you want it to be! - You can always take things down a notch and go for a more classic style with traditional mantels that come in different shapes and sizes . There's an option for everyone so think about yours today.

- Don't forget about fireplaces without mantels! They can be a great touch in a room and give off a ton of character. Mantels without Fireplaces are becoming more and more popular so if you have one, don't be afraid to show it off with some house plants, books or an antique clock .

- Mantels come in a variety of different woods as well as paint color options. Check out Mantel shelves by wood type or Mantels by Wood, Paint & Glaze .

- Need more help choosing the right Mantel Shelf ? We do that all day! Just ask us anything on our contact page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with some advice.

We're always available via email/phone if you need advice on how to measure your space for sanding down fire place mantels too!  

Hope this guide was helpful!!! Remember it's just a reference point that you can mix and match however you'd like so don't be afraid to go rogue with this! Happy Designing :) -

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