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How To Decide Which Mantel Shelf is Right For Your Space

Every individual wants to make their house a happy place for those living in it and those who come to visit those residents. The way you keep your house speaks a lot about your personality. Although there are several fancy accessories that one can avail of, a fireplace mantel shelf is something that goes beyond perfection. A mantel shelf makes a living space more welcoming and adds to the value of a house in an effective manner.

A well-designed fireplace mantel shelf is an excellent addition to enhancing the value of your home. The good news is that there are several design choices when it comes to a fireplace mantel shelf. The most significant benefit of having a mantel over your fireplace is that it protects your home from the heat and fumes rising from the fireplace. Secondly, a fireplace mantel shelf looks comforting and gives a unique warmth to your happy space. If you are looking for the finest fireplace mantel shelf in the USA, Dogberry is a brand you must consider. 

Now, the big question is that how to decide on a perfect fireplace mantel shelf for your home. Let us have a look at the options that we have:

  • Wood fireplace mantel:

A wood fireplace mantel is an excellent choice if you plan to get one for your home. The wooden mantels make a perfect stage for a special family event. Your dear one will feel touched by seeing your fondest memories displayed on your mantel shelf. Go for a mantel provider who is an expert in offering customized mantels to match your exact requirements. Wood is undoubtedly a classic choice that blends well into varied architectural styles. If you are a fan of that never-old rustic look, a wood mantel is the one for you. Be careful to watch that a wooden fireplace mantel shelf is appropriately distanced from the firebox.   


Faux fireplace mantel you are eyeing for a stylish and affordable fireplace mantel shelf, a faux fireplace mantel is the one for you. The faux mantel shelves make a perfect addition to your living space. Of course, you must check that the mantel you choose is made using high-quality materials to ensure its sturdiness. Always opt for a solid and tasteful faux fireplace mantel to enjoy a happy addition to your living area without spending a hefty amount. Another fantastic benefit of going in for a faux fireplace mantel is that it is easy to install. The products are designed so that even an average homeowner can install the same without using any special tools.


Key Takeaways:

If you plan to give your living space a fresh makeover, you should seriously consider investing in a fireplace mantel shelf. There are several design and material options when it comes to a fireplace mantel shelf. If you want the mantel design to complement well with your home interiors, look for a provider having expertise in providing tailored fireplace mantel shelf to varied clients. So go ahead and find out the best fireplace mantel shelf providers near you to make a great addition to your home.

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