How a Fireplace Mantel Can Enhance Your Living Space

How a Fireplace Mantel Can Enhance Your Living Space

Floating Wood Mantels

Mantels are traditional features of every fireplace, but their purpose has changed over time. That’s because fireplace mantels were originally designed in the Medieval period to redirect smoke back into the chimney. Today, efficient, modern fireplace design means that mantels play a more aesthetic role than a functional one.

Affordable Yet Made to Last

To support your living room design and bring character to your space, add or update a fireplace mantel! It’s a relatively low-cost addition when you purchase through Dogberry, but it’s one that can make a big difference in the overall impression of your space.

While our wood fireplace mantels are simple and easy to install, it’s their lasting value that our customers appreciate most. Our real-wood mantels are designed and built to last; you can trust no matter what Dogberry mantel you choose, it will age beautifully with your home.

Below, see just a few ways you can add interest and character to your home through the addition of a Dogberry fireplace mantel. Once hung, the possibilities for your mantel are endless!

Wood Fireplace Mantels Add Interest

5 Ways a Fireplace Mantel Adds Interest to Your Living Room

1) It establishes a focal point for the eye.

While the days of mantels as “smoke guards” are long gone, fireplaces still seem unfinished without the addition of a mantel. Our wood mantels are a simple solution to “frame” your fireplace without the complexities of custom carpentry or complicated installation.

A simplistic Dogberry wood mantel, in your style and color of choice, will lend a modern focal point to your space that honors the traditional need for a fireplace mantel. The floating wood mantel shelf can add weight and height to your space, keeping your living room visually balanced.

2) It reflects and enhances your home’s architectural and interior style.

A wood mantel is a great way to either reflect the style of your home or introduce a new interior design style.

For example, our Rough Hewn mantels can be a great addition to a cabin or country home, or can introduce more rustic charm to a modern home. In the same way, our Modern Farmhouse mantels are perfect for complementing contemporary home design. Whether you want to highlight the beauty of your craftsman home or bring timeless farmhouse style to your modern home, our mantels can help.

3) It’s a great place to display holiday or seasonal decor.

Because the mantel is a central focal point in a living space, it is a natural place to mark the changing seasons and place your holiday decor in prime view. Beyond hanging holiday stockings, use it as a place to showcase your favorite Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving decorations. As it’s often hung at eye level, mantels are a great place to display decor, mementos, or other items that you don’t want to be missed.

4) It’s perfect for showcasing family photos or favorite art.

Maybe the best use of a mantel’s prime position is as a photo or art display area. Give your favorite family photos a home on the central focal point of your living room.

Hang a large, framed photo or art piece above the mantel. Or, place a series of small, black and white framed photos along the mantel. You could also opt for a small gallery wall above the mantel to feature several different photos or pieces of art.

Your home is the heart of your family life; use the mantel to show off some of your favorite faces, memories, and art pieces in a way that can be easily updated as the years go by.

5) It brings in warmth thanks to natural wood.

Natural wood is a great way to add warmth to any space. Our mantel designs come in several color options — from Maple and Burnt Almond, to Mahogany, Aged Oak, or White. Find the color and design features you love most by browsing our fireplace mantel collection.

For a coastal home, try our Weathered Beam mantel in Rustic White. For a craftsman home, try our Rustic mantel in Mahogany. Or, for a cabin or country home, try our Solid Timber mantel in Aged Oak.

Every design is built with real poplar wood harvested in the USA. The look and feel of real wood can’t be beat when it comes to bringing character to your fireplace; the wood will age beautifully with the right care, giving it even more personality and interest over time. Plus, we made it even easier to hang our mantels on any fireplace surface by designing a hollow mantel. It’s lighter than a traditional mantel yet just as sturdy.

6) It modernizes and refreshes an existing fireplace.

Renovating a fixer-upper? Or just refreshing a dated living room? Fireplace renovations can give you plenty of bang for your buck.

Whitewashing a tired stone fireplace or replacing a dated fireplace insert and screen can do wonders for freshening up your living space and bringing a modern feeling to your older home.

As part of your fireplace reno, replace the out-of-style mantel with a simplistic mantel shelf. Unadorned and well-proportioned with thick, solid lines, our real wood fireplace mantels update the overall impression of your fireplace and complement the other natural stone or brick materials. Each of our mantel shelves can be hung on stone, brick, or tiled surfaces.

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Shop the Full Collection of Fireplace Mantels Now

Now that you know all the benefits of a modern fireplace mantel, find one for yourself!

No matter your interior style or your type of home, we have an easy-to-install, budget-friendly fireplace mantel to fit it. Our real wood mantels come in four designs: Modern Farmhouse, Rustic, Rough Hewn, Weathered Beam, and Solid Timber. Choose your length and color to perfectly complement your fireplace (or two).

When you order with us, you can enjoy the beauty and lasting durability of a wood fireplace mantel without the high price tag. That’s because we believe every homeowner should be able to access trendy and beautiful home style that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Shop our wood fireplace collection now, or check out our Barn Door collection and our Board and Batten Shutters.

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