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How to Protect Your Exterior Wooden Window Shutters

If you've recently purchased or are considering purchasing some Dogberry exterior window shutters for your home, you may wonder how to care for them. Though our exterior window shutters are made using high-quality products and extra care, they do require routine maintenance to ensure they last long and withstand the outside elements. Luckily, our wooden shutters are easy to protect and clean. Here are our suggestions for keeping your shutters looking new and beautiful for many years to come.

Inspect them regularly

After installation, we recommend inspecting your shutters at least once a year. Check for any chips or cracks, and ensure that the shutters are still securely fastened to your home. Examine the hardware that is mounting the shutters to your home and make sure that everything is intact. Remove any debris on or around the shutters, such as leaves, twigs, cobwebs, and even nests. Inspecting your exterior batten shutters at least once a year will keep your shutters looking beautiful and help you spot any minor problems before they become significant problems. It will also help your shutters look in their best condition.

Keep them clean

Because your shutters are outside and exposed to all the elements, it's easy for them to become dirty and in need of a good cleaning. Water and dust can lead to build up that causes discoloration and can even wear down the finish of your shutters. Luckily, Dogberry shutters are easy to clean and care for, and cleaning can be done by following a few simple cleaning tips. To clean your exterior shutters, use the following steps:

  • First, start by brushing or wiping away any excess dirt or dust on the surface of the shutters. Use a soft cloth, or you can even use a vacuum cleaner to get the dirt off. Cleaning off excess dirt and grime will make the next few steps easier.
  • Next, wash with a gentle soap cleanser to help remove more dirt and grime. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, as this may strip the surface of the shutters. You only need a cleaning bucket, a gallon, or two of water, and a few drops of gentle dish soap. Wash the surface of the shutters using a soft brush, then gently rinse with a hose to ensure that all the cleaning solution has been removed.
  • One thing to note, do not use a pressure washer on our exterior shutters. The excessive force of a pressure washer can wear down the surface of your shutters, leading to a shorter lifespan. Just a simple, quick rinse with a regular hose is all that is needed.
  • Drying the shutters after being washed and rinsed removes any excess or standing water and helps keep your shutters clean. Use a soft towel to dry and wipe up all water on the shutters.
  • Lastly, stand back and admire your clean and beautiful shutters!

Repaint or refinish as needed

Dogberry exterior window shutters come in two different options: stained or unfinished. Our painted options come in several colors that can perfectly complement any home's color: Stone Gray, Slate Black, Dirty Blonde, Provincial Blue, Coffee Brown, and Whitewash. Our high-quality stains protect your shutters from water and dirt for many years, but they may need touching up or refinishing in the future.

If you choose the unfinished option, you'll want to use exterior waterproof paint or varnish on the shutters. Throughout the years, as you inspect your shutters, you may notice that some color or stain has worn off. In this case, simply touch up the shutters with the paint or stain of your choice to keep them looking like new. Before touching up your exterior window shutters, make sure that you follow all the cleaning steps outlined above.

Consider installing shutter caps

Shutter caps are pieces of metal or plastic that can be installed on top of wooden exterior shutters. What is the purpose of shutter caps? Not only do they make your shutters look more beautiful, they seal the top edge of the shutter, preventing excess damage from standing water. Well-designed shutter caps direct water off your shutters' surface and prevents water damage to your shutters' joints. While your shutters will look beautiful and last a while without them, this is just an extra step that you can take toward protecting them. There are many shutter caps available on the market that can easily be installed in just a few minutes and will help your shutters last for many years.

Dogberry Collections Exterior Window Shutters are built to last

At Dogberry Collections, we believe making your home beautiful should be affordable and easy. Instead of hiring an expensive expert to install your shutters, we proudly offer quality shutters and helpful tips to do it yourself. Not only are our products beautiful, they're affordable and easy to install. When you purchase wooden window shutters from Dogberry Collections, you'll be purchasing high-quality shutters that are made to last a lifetime. Proudly handcrafted in the USA using locally-sourced materials, our shutters will add a warm and inviting look to your home. Not only will they look stunning on the outside of your home, but the high-quality construction of the shutters means that they will last for many years to come. With just a few simple maintenance steps, you can enjoy your Dogberry Collections wood shutters for a lifetime.

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