DIY Tips for Installing Your Mantel

DIY Tips for Installing Your Mantel

Do you want to change the design of your fireplace, but are intimidated by the process? One of the easiest ways to transform the look and feel of your living room is to make simple updates to its focal point: the hearth. Removing an old, outdated mantel and replacing it with a solid timber, weathered beam, rough hewn, rustic fireplace, or modern farmhouse mantel is a simple yet powerful change that will make your home look more beautiful and feel refreshed. 

Installing a DIY wood mantel can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be when you purchase one from Dogberry Collections. Our mantels are designed to be easy to install — even for the beginner DIY homeowner. Our mantels’ real wood yet hollow design means the installation process is a breeze, and the mantel won't be too heavy for where you plan to install it. Whether you have purchased a mantel or are considering buying one, being familiar with the process before you begin is a great idea. And, review our experts’ tips below for a faster, smoother installation process:

7 Mantel Installation Tips From Our Experts

Tip #1 Read Through the Instructions Thoroughly 

We know you are super excited to get started installing your Dogberry Collections mantel! But after you remove all the necessary pieces from the package, stop and read through the instructions a few times. Taking the time to read through the installation directions will ensure that you fully understand the instructions before you get going, ensuring a smoother, faster process. If you have a partner helping (and we recommend you do), read the instructions aloud, so you both understand the directions before proceeding to the next step. Refer to the installation instructions frequently throughout the process of installation. 

Tip #2 Be Prepared

While reading through the installation instructions, ensure you have received all the pieces necessary to hang up your mantel. Included in your package for the mantel shelf are the mantel, hanger board (narrow unfinished board), five short screws, three long screws, and four additional short screws (if the mantel that you ordered includes corbels). If you have any issues with the pieces you have received, please don't hesitate to contact us; we will be happy to assist. You'll need all the necessary accessories before beginning. 

Tip #3 Use the Right Tools

While the installation can be completed with just a pencil, tape measure, and Phillips screwdriver, we also recommend using the optional tools listed in the manual. A stud finder, level, drill, and Phillips drill bit aren't necessary to complete the installation, but they can help you get the job done much more quickly. Before you begin, assemble and lay out everything you need to get started. Ensure that both the tools and installation pieces are easy to find and access once you get going.

Tip #4 Find the Perfect Placement

One common question that many people ask is, where should a DIY wood mantel shelf be mounted? The National Fire Protection Agency and many building codes around the country state that it must be mounted at least 12" above the fireplace box. In addition, we also recommend reading or researching local laws and manufacturer's guidelines for your fireplace. 

Aside from ensuring that it's high enough above a fireplace, the rest of where you choose to mount it comes down to personal preference. You'll want to place it high enough to be above the fireplace but not too high that you can't easily reach it. 

Tip #5 Measure Accurately

The success of your mantel installation will primarily rely on one thing: measuring accurately to ensure you're placing the mantel exactly where you want it. First, measure the mantel. Take note of the center, left, and right measurements of the mantel. On the wall where you want to place the mantel, mark both the left and right sides of where you want to put the mantel. These are the base marks for placing the mantel on the wall and will guide you through the rest of the process.

Tip #6 Make Sure You're Finding the Studs

Use the stud finder to locate three studs within the area where you want to mount the shelf. If the mantel is less than 48", you'll only need to find two. Refer to the installation instructions regarding your specific mantel size for the appropriate directions.

Why is it important to attach the floating mantel to the studs? It's necessary because the studs support the weight of the DIY wood mantel and everything you choose to put on it. For the best installation experience, you'll want to ensure you're drilling into and attaching the mantel directly to the studs.

Tip #7 Enjoy Your New Mantel

After you've followed all the directions and expert tips, you'll have a beautiful new mantel installed in your home. Enjoy turning your mantel into a focal point of your living room. Decorate with a beautiful framed mirror, your favorite artwork, some candles, a plant or flowers, or even books. The best part about owning a Dogberry Collections mantel is all the decorating possibilities! 

Questions? The Dogberry Team is Here to Help

While the installation is easy, you might have more questions regarding the process. And that is completely fine! At Dogberry Collections, we're here to answer any questions or concerns that you might have regarding the purchasing and installation of your mantel. Not only are installation instructions included in each package, but we also have an online guide and a helpful video on YouTube. When it comes to installing a DIY wood mantel, it doesn't get much easier than a Dogberry mantel.

Dogberry Collections is passionate about providing affordable yet beautiful wooden products for your home. Each one of our DIY fireplace mantels is handcrafted by a woodworking artist from wood sourced in the Western United States. Our careful process of finishing each mantel brings out each piece's natural grains and beauty. You'll not only be purchasing a functional solid wood mantel, but you'll also receive a true piece of craftsmanship made right in Utah.

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