Mahogany Mantels

Our Mahogany Fireplace Mantel Style

Each of our wooden mantels is unique in style and size. Feel free to browse through our collection to find which mahogany mantel best suits your space.

  • Modern Mahogany  mantel

    Modern Farmhouse

    As a simple and beautiful focal point to any room, our modern farmhouse mantels are made from poplar wood planks. Whether your style is modern farmhouse or even traditional, this beautiful mahogany mantel will fit right into your current decor.

    Modern Farmhouse Mantel, in Mahogany 
  • Rustic Mahogany  Mantel

    Rustic Fireplace

    The distressed yet smooth finish on our mahogany Rustic Fireplace Mantel adds functionality and character to your fireplace. Because each mantel is made with poplar wood planks, you'll receive a completely unique, customized mantel for your room. Whether you use it as a floating shelf or mantel, you'll love our mantels' high-quality craftsmanship and beauty.

    Rustic Fireplace Mantel, in Mahogany 
  • Mahogany Mantel

    Rough Hewn

    Featuring stunning and unique adze texturing, our mahogany Rough Hewn Mantels add depth and character to your home's style. Because each mantel is made from solid poplar planks, they feature distinctive beauty without the costly price tag of custom carpentry.

    Rough Hewn Mantel, in Mahogany 

Perfect for Traditional or Modern Homes

No matter the style of decor in your home, our Dogberry mantels stained to a rich mahogany color will give your home a polished, refined look. Not only are our mantels incredibly affordable, but they're also hollow, lightweight, and sturdy places to display your favorite items. Each mantel can be installed with just a few simple steps and enjoyed for a lifetime.