Dogberry's Maple Weathered Beam Mantel

Our Weathered Beam Maple Fireplace Mantel adds function and character to any space with its smooth finish and beautiful wood grains. This mantel's unique construction and finish options perfectly replicate the look of an aged wood beam. Instead of spending more money on reclaimed wood, enjoy the affordability and convenience of our Weathered Beam Maple Fireplace Mantels. 

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Why Choose a Dogberry Maple Mantel?

Our durable maple mantels for any fireplace are made from real wood planks grown and harvested in the USA. Many of our mantels' hollow, lightweight designs make them durable yet easy to install. Not only is maple a classic natural wood color, but it's incredibly versatile in many color schemes. All of our mantels can be shipped directly to your door and can be installed with just a few simple steps.