Unfinished Mantel

Unfinished Fireplaces Mantels

Dogberry’s collection of unfinished fireplace mantels comes in a range of styles, sizes, and depths. Each shelf is handcrafted. Our unfinished mantels are created using our signature hollow design and arrive with easy-to-install hardware and instructions, making secure installation easy and long-lasting. 

With three distinct styles in unfinished wood, you can paint or stain your shelf to your preference for a one-of-a-kind shelf. Hang your finished masterpiece over a fireplace or as a floating shelf in family rooms, bedrooms, entertainment rooms, kitchens, sitting rooms, and more. Our unfinished mantel shelf comes in the following styles below.

Unfinished Barn Door

Unfinished Barn Doors

Dogberry’s sliding barn door collection comes in six timeless styles that add a versatile feature to your home. Each interior door is handcrafted with wood harvested in the USA and built to last. With beauty, functionality, and easy installation, you will love personalizing our unfinished barn doors with the color or stain of your choice. Your DIY project has never been more straightforward or stunning! We offer six unique designs below to fit any home style.

Unfinished Wood Shutters

Unfinished Wood Shutters

Exterior wood shutters add charm and depth to your home’s exterior. If you order from Dogberry’s collection, you can order exterior wood shutters unfinished and paint or stain them to the exact color you want for your home. Already have the perfect exterior accent color? Add shutters you can paint yourself with our unfinished color option. Our exterior wood shutters arrive at your door assembled and with all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation. Shop our four styles of unfinished exterior shutters below.