Add Instant Curb Appeal with Exterior Wood Shutters

Add Instant Curb Appeal with Exterior Wood Shutters

Here’s a quick history lesson for you: wooden shutters have been around for a long time. They even pre-date glass windows! They became popular in the Tudor period in the sixteenth century. Though ancient Greece used shutters on their most illustrious homes, their shutters were made of marble, which made them more challenging to produce and use.

Wooden shutters, however, have primarily been used for practical purposes, such as:

  • Better controlling the temperature in the home
  • Keeping out the elements, such as light, wind, and other weather
  • Increasing the home’s safety and privacy

Due to homebuilding innovations in the last few hundred years, modern exterior shutters serve a very different purpose. Many of today’s homes are more energy-efficient and have windows with inside blinds to control light and protect the home from the elements. Now, exterior wood shutters are primarily ornamental, adding depth, charm, and color to any household exterior.

Dogberry Collections Real Wood Shutters Create a Custom Look with Easy Installation

Dogberry Real Wood Shutters = A Custom Look + Easy Installation

If you want to update the exterior of your home, adding exterior wood shutters is a low-cost way to bring character and design to your place. Our building techniques are straightforward, so installation is simple, but wood shutters can make a long-lasting change in the overall feeling of your home.

Dogberry proudly harvests our wood and produces our unique pieces here in the USA, which makes it easier and faster to ship directly to you. Each pair of Dogberry shutters is built with Western Red Cedar, a softwood naturally resistant to decay and insects. Your shutters will stand the test of nature when stained or treated correctly.

Suited for any Style

You may think shutters only enhance certain home styles, such as a colonial-style house or a rustic cottage. However, Dogberry’s exterior wood shutters come in a variety of styles to suit your home. Our shutters are board and batten shutters, sometimes referred to as BnB shutters, which mean that they are comprised of vertical slats or boards held tight against each other with a horizontal piece or pieces called batten or battens. Board and batten shutters can complement many different home types, including:

  • Farmhouses
  • Craftsman homes
  • Cape Cod-inspired houses
  • French country-style homes
  • Italianate homes
  • Mediterranean house styles
  • Spanish colonial homes
  • Ranch houses
  • And much more!

Dogberry offers four main styles of board and batten shutters. Our four main styles include:

Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters feature visible battens running horizontally across the boards. This timeless style accentuates the beauty of many different home types, from rambler to cottage. Initially, traditional shutters were seen primarily in the northeastern United States and framed smaller windows.

Horizontal Slat Shutters

Horizontal slat shutters are a more modern creation. They are made with the boards running horizontally and have no visible batten. This striking look highlights more modern-style homes.

X Shutters

X shutters display the battens making an x-shape across the shutter. This recognizable design is reminiscent of American farmyards and barns. This look is especially popular on country homes and farmhouses and makes your home feel more welcoming and inviting.

Z Shutters

Z shutters show the battens with a Z-shape across each shutter. The Z-shutter is a more rustic design and best suited for craftsman-style homes and adds warmth and character.

Dogberry Collections Real Wood Shutters Add to Your Home

5 Ways Exterior Wood Shutters Add to Your Home

If you are curious about wooden shutters and are considering installing them on the outside of your home, think about the following ways shutters can benefit you.

  1. Wooden Shutters Add Character

    DIY wooden shutter installation makes it easy to bring your style and character to the outside of your home. From the moment your guests arrive, they will be greeted by a house that looks charming and timeless and feels like home.

  2. Exterior Wood Shutters Add Value to Your Home

    Today’s shutters are largely cosmetic and do not increase energy efficiency or protection for windows. However, they are an investment that can increase curb appeal for years to come and thus add value to your home. When thinking about resale value, increasing your curb appeal helps your home to sell faster at the price you want.

  3. Wood Shutters Add Depth and Warmth

    Shutters are accessories for your curb appeal. Adding wood shutters to your windows adds depth to your exterior walls and breaks up the monotony. It frames each window and adds height and weight to the space, visually balancing out your exterior.

  4. Wood Shutters Enhance Your Home’s Architectural and Exterior Style

    Whether you want to highlight the beauty of your craftsman home or bring a timeless farmhouse style to your country home, Dogberry’s board and batten shutters can help. The kind of wooden shutter you choose and the wood’s stain or color can enhance your home’s overall architectural style.

  5. For Minimal Cost and Work, Wood Shutters Modernize and Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

    Dogberry board and batten shutters include mounting hardware and a helpful 7-step installation guide which means you can hang them in an afternoon with a friend or spouse. Installing shutters is more time- and cost-efficient than other exterior projects, such as installing new windows, painting or refinishing your home’s exterior, or installing a new roof. However, it transforms your home’s look and provides plenty of bang for your buck.

Dogberry Collections Board and Batten Shutters are Custom, Easy to Install, and Built to Last

Dogberry’s Board and Batten Shutters are Custom, Easy to Install, and Built to Last

Now that you know all the benefits of exterior wood shutters find some for your home! Framing your windows in real, natural wood shutters will make your home stand out and enhance your unique look. Our shutters arrive pre-stained and ready to install so you can refresh your home’s curb appeal in a single afternoon.

You can choose from six unique stain colors, including:

  • Stone Gray
  • Slate Black
  • Dirty Blonde
  • Provincial Blue
  • Coffee Brown
  • Whitewash

Or, you can order unfinished shutters and stain or paint them for a perfect match. In addition to your chosen stain, your wood shutters are made from Western Red Cedar, which is naturally resistant to decay and an excellent choice for exterior wood finishes. This means that the lifespan of your shutters will last through all kinds of weather.

Dogberry shutters ships quickly right from the USA, so you can get a custom-made look quickly.

Shop Dogberry board and batten shutters today and transform the look of your home!

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