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Horizontal Slat Wooden Shutters

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Give your home a rustic-meets-modern look with Horizontal Slat Shutters from Dogberry. We make these horizontal slat shutters from the same high-quality Western Red Cedar wood we use to make our Traditional Wooden Shutters. Unlike our Traditional Wood Shutters, the wood pieces that make Horizontal Slat Shutters run left and right instead of up and down. That gives them a striking and streamlined look that many homeowners find appealing.

You have many color options for your horizontal slat shutters: Coffee Brown, Dirty Blonde, Slate Black, Stone Gray, and Whitewash. You can also get unfinished horizontal slat shutters. The unfinished shutters are an excellent option for do-it-yourselfers who can paint or stain the unfinished shutter a unique color that will complement the home's look.

Speaking of DIY, all the hardware you need to install your horizontal slat shutters will be included in your order. Plus, the shutters come in eight different sizes, ranging from three feet to seven feet, so you can find the right size shutters to install on your home's window.

Order your gorgeous Horizontal Slat Shutters for your home today, or check out some of our other wooden shutter options, like Traditional Wooden Shutters, X Wooden Shutters, or Z Wooden Shutters.


Made from 100% Poplar

Weights and Dimensions

36” Shutters
36” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
20 lbs (10 lbs each)

42” Shutters
42” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
22 lbs (11 lbs each)

48” Shutters
48” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
24 lbs (12 lbs each)

54” Shutters
54” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
26 lbs (13 lbs each)

60” Shutters
60” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
28 lbs (14 lbs each)

66” Shutters
66” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
30 lbs (15 lbs each)

72” Shutters
72” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
32 lbs (16 lbs each)

84” Shutters
84” H x 14” W x 1 ⅝” D
34 lbs (17 lbs each)

What's Included

Mounting Cleat

Mounting Hardware (wood screws)

Work bench with Tools on it

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