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Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests with Dogberry

Don't let the holiday celebrations sneak up on you. Prepare your home for holiday guests now with help from Dogberry Collections.

Not only can Dogberry help you out with new window shutters, but we're also here with some tips on getting the rest of your home ready for the holidays and the celebrations that mark the season.

Dogberry's wooden window shutters can provide the perfect touch of cheer to your home. Add some pop to your home's exterior with outdoor wooden shutters. Or give your home a new conversation piece with new wood fireplace mantels or add wooden barn doors between rooms. Dogberry can also help you install your new exterior shutters, rustic barn door, or mantel shelf. All you'll need to give your fireplace that final holiday touch is the stockings.

Spruce Up These Important Areas Before the Holidays

Stay focused on your holiday preparations. Make sure preparing for company doesn't become a complete home makeover or, worse yet, a renovation project. Save yourself time, hassle, and headaches, by limiting the prep work to the areas your guests will see.

The point of setting up the holiday theme in your home is to evoke the holiday spirit in your guests. Don't spend resources on areas that won't contribute to the goal. Put your energy into the three main places your holiday guest will experience, like the guest room, the living room, and the home's exterior.

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Refresh Your Guest Room

Ensure you and your guest feel comfortable with their lodgings for the entire stay by preparing the guest bedroom and bathroom.

Start by giving both the bathroom and the bedroom a thorough cleaning. Put away clutter. Dust and vacuum. Scrub the shower and toilet. Wash the bed linens (and the curtains if needed).

After everything is clean, add some small holiday-themed decor, like knick-knacks on the shelves or dresser. Skip the holiday-themed bedding. Opt for linens that remain warm and comfortable for your guests.

For an extra touch, engage the sense of smell with a seasonal or holiday-related candle in the bathroom and some linen spray in the bedroom.

Go the extra mile and wow your guest by replacing the standard doors to the guest bedroom or bathroom with wood barn doors. A rustic barn door can give your guest room the look of a bed and breakfast in a delightful cottage while maintaining complete privacy. The rustic charm can often add to the warm, nostalgic feelings associated with the holidays.

Mantel decorated with holiday decor

Add Warmth & Character to Your Living Area

When entertaining your guests, your living room will likely get a lot of use. Make sure it's ready to be the center of the holiday activities.

As with the guest rooms, start by cleaning the space. After you declutter, dust, and vacuum the area, shampoo the couch, loveseat, or other upholstered furniture.

Incorporate the holiday theme to your living area with colored lights and holiday-themed decorative pieces on the walls and shelves around the room. Clean your fireplace so it’s ready to be used during extra-cozy holiday evenings. If you celebrate Christmas, the tree will likely be a focal point of the holiday spirit in the room. But, if the tree is in another room, or you want to add to the Christmas spirit, you can create a secondary holiday focal point with your fireplace. Hang your stocking on the mantel shelf with care. Give it an even better look and feel by upgrading to a wood fireplace mantel shelf from Dogberry Collections. Wood fireplace mantels can add an old-world feel that can bring home that holiday heart.

In many homes, open living areas combine dining and seating in one large space. For safe and inviting meal times, thoroughly clean and disinfect any areas where you plan on cooking, handling, or serving food. The dining table is a great place to add a holiday touch. Adorn your table with a decorative tablecloth, add an eye-catching centerpiece, and serve your food and drink on holiday-themed dinnerware. Even the goodies you serve at the dessert table could be holiday themed.

Make your home smell like the holidays too. Warm some holiday potpourri in your kitchen or serving area. Smell is highly associated with creating new memories and recalling past ones. A seasonal candle or even a batch of holiday cookies in the oven can evoke warm memories of holidays past.

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Give Your Exterior a Cold Weather Makeover

Help your guests embrace the holiday spirit before they walk through the front door. Exterior home holiday decorations can establish your home as holiday central.

Before adding decorations, clean and prep your yard and home’s exterior. Trim any unruly trees or bushes. If you have snow, shovel it off your driveway and sidewalks, then add salt to prevent ice from forming.

Clean the front of your home and any forward-facing windows. Remember to give your front door a good clean to remove dust or dirt. Add a tasteful holiday decoration to your front door like an evergreen wreath or swag.

Add holiday-themed lighting to your home's exterior. Colorful lights can add cheer to your home's exterior, but you don't need to have the brightest house in the neighborhood. If you want to do a little more, run a single string of holiday lights along the edge and peaks of your roof. Working up high, as you must when installing lights on your roof, can be dangerous. We recommend hiring professionals to do the job safely and efficiently.

If you want to add that little extra that will give the warm holiday feel, consider giving your exterior a facelift that will last all year long. New exterior wood shutters from Dogberry frame your windows and offer beautiful contrast. Our real wood board and batten shutters evoke the look of a welcoming home that looks right on theme during the holidays.

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Dogberry Is Your Source for Easy Home Upgrades

Follow the tips above to make sure your home is ready for the holidays before the celebrations begin.

Whether you're preparing for the holidays or just ready to give your home something special, Dogberry Collections is here to help. While our wooden window shutters are known for their quality and affordability, we offer more wood products to complement your modern home.

Discover how easy it can be to upgrade your shutters, doors, mantels, and shelves with help from Dogberry. You can even customize each order to fit your color and size preference! Shop the full collection today.

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