Tips & Tricks to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays

Tips & Tricks to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays

Nothing brings people together during the cold holiday season like a warm fire. Because your mantel shelf is the finishing touch on your hearth, make sure your mantel decor is ready for holiday get-togethers, a cozy night in, and anything else you have planned for this festive season. This year, think beyond stockings: your mantel is a great place to get creative and have fun with out-of-the-box decorations that give your living, dining, or family room space personality and charm.

Our Dogberry wood fireplace mantels are the perfect canvas for your holiday decorations. Below, find our top tips and tricks for decorating a mantel that brings you and your loved ones plenty of cheer all season long.

cleaning a mantel

1. Give yourself a clean slate before you begin.

Use this time of decorating as an excuse to give your mantel the TLC it needs. Give your wooden fireplace mantel a deep clean and polish to keep it looking its best throughout the fall and winter months, when your fireplace will be used most often. For help on how to properly care for a real-wood fireplace mantel — including which products are safest for your Dogberry mantel — read this mantel cleaning and care article.

Christmas decorated mantel

2. Add plenty of layers.

The key to an eye-catching mantel is adding multiple textures, heights, and types of decor to keep things interesting. First, create a foundation for your mantelscape by laying faux greenery like holly or pine boughs. Or, try draping a holiday fabric along the wood mantel shelf, such as a colorful gingham or plaid.

Next, group candlesticks or other taller decor along the mantel as a second layer. Hang a wreath, mirror, or sign above the mantel to introduce even more height and take advantage of your vertical space.

Finally, weave votives or fairy lights along the shelf and between your decor to add light and a finishing touch to your beautifully decorated mantel. By thinking about your design in layers, you’ll craft a more interesting mantel that can even draw your eye from the crackling fire below.

holiday decorated mantel

3. Mix and match different decor elements.

It’s important to add layers to your mantel design, but it’s also important to vary the type of materials and finishes you use. This, too, adds interest to your mantel and gives it the magazine-worthy look your guests will admire. Holiday decor offers plenty of options when it comes to beautiful materials. Challenge yourself to add at least three of the following materials to your mantel this year:

  • Velvet
  • Brass
  • Wool
  • Silver
  • Glitter
  • Glass
  • Wood

festive decorated mantel

4. Pick a theme.

To keep your mantel looking purposeful, stick to a theme. It can be as specific or unique as you wish! Try a monochromatic look with all-white decor for a snow-covered look. Go natural with a look made with colorful foliage and acorns or evergreen greenery, berries, and pinecones. For Christmas, try something whimsical by designing a mantel that looks like Santa’s workshop or the North Pole. Or, simply use the space to display a holiday collection you love, like a set of Thanksgiving china, nativity figurines or a collection of winter village pieces.

Picking a theme will help you as you shop for decor and will help the final look feel cohesive.

Halloween decorated mantel

5. Update and refresh throughout the season.

Because your mantel is an important focal point in your home, keep the mantel decor looking fresh. As each holiday comes and goes — from Halloween to New Year’s — redesign your mantel to welcome the upcoming celebration. Maintain certain elements from each holiday to make this easier, such as a burlap fabric runner that can transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving, or snowflake twinkle lights that will look great for Christmas and New Year’s.

While it’s easy to overlook the mantel in favor of Christmas trees, tablescapes, and outdoor decorations, a festive hearth will give your home the extra-cozy and welcoming look we all want during this special time of year.

Christmas cards on a mantel

6. Add a personal touch.

Decor from your favorite home store is perfect for your mantel, but to make your home feel personalized for each holiday, always add in a sentimental item like a photo or keepsake item that’s unique to your family. Here are a few ideas to inspire your design:

  • Add an old family photo from holidays past to a beautiful silver photo frame. Look for a photo of your child on Santa’s lap, the whole family around the Thanksgiving table, or an especially cute family Halloween costume.
  • Display handmade decorations from your children’s younger days. Precious handmade ornaments or handprint turkeys are priceless once your children have grown. Display these sweet mementos in frames or shadow boxes to preserve the memories.
  • Frame a family-favorite recipe. Every family has a special addition to their Thanksgiving table, whether it’s Grandma’s pumpkin pie or your dad’s famous cornbread. Give the special dish the attention it deserves by framing a handwritten recipe card to serve as a great conversation starter before Thanksgiving dinner.

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel Shelf

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